Circuit Playground Express Compatability?


I was poking around the Adafruit site, and saw that they now have a Circuit Playground Express version. Any idea if this will work with the CSD curriculum, and if so, when?

The express is still very much in development, and doesn’t yet support the firmware that we need to communicate with App Lab. I just met with Adafruit yesterday and they were estimating that they’d have the software ready in Q2 of next year.

Awesome, and thank you for the quick response.

Thank you! I had this same question. I want to order a class set for next year. And didn’t want to get the Classic if will soon work on the EXPRESS

How would I be able to get the circuit boards for next year? I just received okay from the middle school I am currently at and will need a PO to be able to order but I do not see any where on the website where I can order them?

Good news - we officially have beta support for the Circuit Playground Express in the Maker App. I’ve personally tested it across all of the lessons in Unit 6 and haven’t found any blocking issues, but I do want to make folks aware that the Express hasn’t received nearly the same amount of testing as the Classic has and that the classroom kit will continue to include the Classic only at least through the end of this school year. Adafruit has instructions for getting the Express set up to work with the Maker App at

That’s awesome!
Is there any chance that those of us wth the subsidy can get the express vs. the original circuit playgrounds? My booster organization would be more inclined to pay for them if I told them they were compatible with a slew of options (even though I’m using them with Unit 6 and the curriculum).

Unfortunately no, the subsidy is locked to the Classic version.

Hi Harriet,
I looked into using a PO for the Circuit Playgound purchase. I found some information that might be helpful.

We accept Purchase Orders from educational institutions in the United States placing orders of $200 or more.

We do not accept purchase orders less than $50 and for purchase orders less than $200 there is a $20 processing fee.

We do not accept purchase orders from customers outside of the United States.

To place a purchase order, please create a quote using the wishlist tool. This quote can be saved as a PDF and used by your institution to create an official purchase order. Once you have an official purchase order, please move the items in your wishlist to your cart and proceed to checkout, selecting “Purchase Order” paid via “Check” as the payment option. After you place your order online, please send your official purchase order along with your order number to

For more details on making a purchase order, checkout our Customer support video: and guide

Hope this is helpful!

I was trying to find out a little more info on the Circuit Playground because I was going to buy one on my own to mess around with. I’m trying to save some $, and I have found the Classic, but it looks like the Express is now the version being used. Does the Classic still work with

Yup, the classic still works great.


Thanks for the quick reply! :+1:

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Please consider adding this link to the Setup Check on the Maker App. When my Circuit Playground Express failed the Board Connectable test I followed the support articles listed. That was a true “rat hole” with no solution. After about an hour of trying a number of different things, I checked the forum and found your amazing link! I followed the directions on adafruit and it worked!!