Unit 6, Lesson 7, Bubble 5

At https://studio.code.org/projects/applab/lTZ98JIz_MvFuay76mRzaPvT-EIF7n2GLiS48rMBEAQ, when we press the RUN button, we get an error. What are we missing? Something about a board?

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Hi @gellis1,

When I am in Chrome, I get the error message below “Make sure board is plugged in”. But, if I open your project in Maker App, I see it and it is working great! Not sure what device you are using but this should be a good starting point to help you setup your board: https://studio.code.org/maker/setup

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Thank you very much! We haven’t done a physical circuit board–unless there’s a way to do it another way, I guess we won’t be able to see it.


A lot of unit 6 does require the Adafruit Circuit Playground boards. I only have about 15 of them, so I have one board per two students and they aren’t super expensive, although depending on your situation with funding, I understand that varies from classroom to classroom.

Sometimes, you can run the programs without the boards, but usually, there is missing functionality.

If you do have funds, there is a discount for purchasing a classroom set for CSD teachers. Below are the details from the code.org Circuit Playground information page:

Budgeting for the Circuit Playground classroom kit

The full cost of the Circuit Playground classroom kit is $350. All educators receive a 10% discount when they apply the code ADAEDU at checkout, which reduces the price of the kit to approximately $315. Note: The ADAEDU code only applies to orders of $250 or greater.

Hope this information may help you.


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Thank you, Michael!


To add on to that, if you (or anyone else reading this) are a participant in the CS Discoveries Professional Learning Program, your facilitator should have information for you regarding subsidies for the Circuit Playground in your Q3/Q4 workshop (depending on how timing works in your region – typically the announcement comes in mid-to-late January).

–Michael K.