Adafruit Circuit Playground not available

Can recommend another way to get one of these. Thanks - I’d like to pilot one before we buy a classroom kit. After being disappointed in Finch and Edison I don’t want to waste any more district money.

Or is there another way to use this physical computing unit other than Adafruit?
thank you

Hey @skenner (and any other folks interested in this thread):

We know circuit playground availability has been an issue and we’ve been working with Adafruit to ensure teachers have access to kits. One thing I’ll mention is that the Classroom Kits recently came back in stock. If you wanted to go straight to the classroom kits, these are available!

But - the individual circuit playgrounds aren’t back in stock yet. In the meantime, something you might consider is reaching out to the Regional Partner in your area and see if they have some kind of lending library program where you can borrow a circuit playground to try out in order to make a decision. Alternatively, you can check out some of the additional Adafruit Distributors and see if they have any in stock.

Hope that helps!
Dan - Curriculum Writer

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I had this problem earlier this year and was able to get some from a company called Mouser Electronics. I believe Adafruit had to divert resources to other things due to pandemic supply issues, but at one point, I found a link to Mouser on Adafruit’s website (can’t find it now).

As of right now, they are showing 390 in stock with another 393 on the way in February.

If you just want to try it, I have had luck finding a single one on Amazon.


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Thank you both. Just ordered one on Amazon and I’m sitting here trying to figure out how I didn’t check Amazon earlier - wow!

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We have sets of the Circuit Playground CLASSIC which works with Wish we had ordered the EXPRESS which work with and makecode.
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