Adafruit Circuit Playground

I just received the “developer edition” Circuit Playground boards that I ordered in New Orleans and am having fun checking them out. Anybody else out there with some and interested in sharing ideas and experiences?

Hey Douglas! I just got my circuit playground connected too. Right now it’s just cycling through some pretty colors, but I’m looking forward to figuring out how to actually program it. Let me know how it goes for you!

Harvey and Doug,

Mine are in the mail - will report back when I get them (and if I figure out anything!)


Brad and Doug,
I got mine working tonight. The Code Studio tool that will utilize them is called Maker Lab (similar to App Lab and Game Lab), but it is not accessible yet on the main site. You can however program them with the Arduino IDE once you get it set up. To get it working you may need do the following:

  1. Get the latest Circuit Playground Firmata:
  2. Use Arduino IDE to install custom Firmata on board.
  3. Add the “Adafruit Circuit Playground” to the list of boards by installing the Adafruit AVR Boards package v 1.4.7.

There are some helpful directions for installing the package here:

I’ve only done some basics blinks and beeps on the programming side, but let me know if I can help as you’re getting things set up.

Douglas - I’d love to see any programs you’ve put together so far!

Mike Harvey

I just got one too. I’m a beginner with things like this, but I’m really excited to figure it out. I’m interested to see what others are doing.

Does anyone know where to get the chrome serial extension so that the circuit playground can talk to the makerlab?

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I just ran it – it is on the Unit 6 opening screen in the CSD curriculum

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