Circuit Playground Express

Has anyone purchased the Circuit Playground Express from a company other than Adafruit? Unfortunately, their policies do not meet the policies of my district. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Adafruit makes the circuit playground, but you can also buy them off Amazon, with Adafruit as the “store”. Have you tried contacting Adafruit and asking them about their policies? Without specifics, it’s hard to know what’s going on, but they might be able sell you the boards according to your district policies if you talk to them directly.


Circuit Playground Express was out of stock when I needed to order them:

I ordered them from:


Just a heads up, if you order the a Circuit Playground that isn’t explicitly marketed as a kit, you’ll need to install the proper firmware to use it (instructions here)

Thanks. I will try Mouser next. Unfortunately Adafruit’s return policy is not accepted by my district.