Beyond CSD course for teachers

In July 2017 I attended the CSD training in Phoenix. I also attended all of the Unit 4-6 all-day courses at my local ESD in Tukwilla. ALl of this was the most amazing PD I have been a part of in my 17 years of teaching.

I am finding, more and more, that my students are wanting to reach further and further with their amazing aspirations and creativity. The concern I have is that I often do not have answers or the skills to help because - like many of those who use - I do not have a very deep knowledge of Comp Sci as much as I have problem-solving skills.

I wonder if there is more. Is there PD by that supports further learning and teacher enrichment to solve challenging CS problems and learn at an even deeper level? If so, where are they? Thank you in advance for the help


I agree. My students also want to push further and be challenged more. I have used resources like youTube and other courses on Udemy to teach myself some more advanced skills.

As far as I know the only more advanced training offered by to teachers is the CSP training for the High School CSP course. That is definitely more advanced and could be used to challenge some of those students, but of course it is more geared to teachers of the CS Principles Course.

That being said, I’m sure you would get something from it and it would help you to enrich your current students.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for more training? I know CSTA chapters in many states are active and often have conferences and other training events. For me what works best is finding courses on Udemy or from other online sources and then walking through them myself. Definitely not as strong in the pedagogy, but it satisfies my needs for personal PD.


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I have another student who is trying really hard to get the background color to change using a slider on the “settings” screen.

Here: - App Lab

any thoughts?

I can see they have designed it, but I don’t see that they have done any code yet to try and make it work…

They would have to come up with a plan for how it would work, but depending on their abilities, it could be a bit of a challenge. If you are using all possible rgb combinations, it would be over 16,000,000 values possible on a slider which may test the system a bit and prove to be a challenge to implement.

Here’s the link to a project where they use 4 sliders for red, green, blue and a (opacity). This might give them some ideas if they want to try and “dissect” a project before attempting their own. - App Lab