Button clickboxes getting bugged after translating them

[My student made an app and decided that he wanted to rotate a button to fit to his liking, using setstyle. However, this resulted in the button’s clickbox bugging out.]

Link to the project or level: [App Lab - Code.org]
What I expect to happen: [For the button to be flipped.]
What actually happens: [The button’s clickbox becomes larger than it is supposed to be.]
What I’ve tried: [Nothing really, I have no idea how to fix this bug. I told him to not flip the button and use an image instead as a workaround to make the correct arrow orientation.]


Although there may be a code workaround, I think your suggestion is a good one. There is also a character called “down arrowhead” that works, but isn’t available in the Comic Font they are using.

Hope this helps a little. Check back if they run into any other problems.