Can links be added to App Lab?

I have a student who would like to add a link in App Lab and we have searched the Documentation and it shows to use the open UI control but there is no option for this in App Lab to use this control. What are we doing wrong or is there another way around this?

This forum post talks about adding a link in App Lab. The OpenURL block is at the bottom of the UI Controls drawer. Adding a link in applab

No, I do not see it. The last item in the list is the setScreen control


You are probably on a level that doesn’t show all of the controls. The controls are added gradually as students learn about them so as to not overwhelm them with too much information before they are ready, however, in text mode, any of the commands can be added. Also, if you want to “remix” the project, all of the controls will be made available in block form as well.

In the meantime, here’s the documentation on the open command @edavis referred to. It can be used in text mode and then you can switch right back to block mode if you prefer.


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Okay, thank you! We will try this.