Can you change the color on buttons when clicked?


My students that are creating Quiz Me Apps want to change the color on the buttons instead of change the text - You can set-text, so can you set-color?



You can change the color of the button with the setProperty block, like this:

setProperty("buttonID", "background-color", "red");



Hi Elizabeth,
Thank you for the information. Can the setProperty block be added to Unit 4 - That is where my students would like to use it and it is not available? We would be thrilled to have that block to use!


Hi Julie,

We’re in the middle of revising Unit 4, so I’ll check on what it would mean to update the toolbox, but the easiest thing for your students right now is probably just to switch to “text mode” and write in the code. That will work right now for any of the blocks that are not in the toolbox. This is an advanced block for the unit, and you can let them know that some advanced things are only available in text mode.

After they type in the code, they can change back to block mode and it will turn their text into a block.

Thanks for the feedback. It makes sense that students who went through Unit 2 would want this block available.