Question about App Lab Buttons

My students recently learned how to click a button and make it change properties (text, color, etc.). However, is there a way to get something to say something else after it’s clicked and then change back after it’s pressed again?

Thanks so much,

Hi @byrnesc,

Yes! There are so many events and properties you can play around with for the buttons. The issue is that you don’t have many of them available in Unit 4, lesson 12. To really do what you would like to do, the student will need to remix the project.

Next, students should learn about getting and setting properties. That is in Unit 6. The good thing is that for many of these topics, you don’t need the circuit board:

Not sure you have time for student to do this before the end of the year. I did throw together a little example HERE. Not sure this is exactly what the students were looking for. They should learn the skills in the lesson mentioned above.