Unit 6 Emoji Game help needed and get vs set?

I’m stumbling too on this Emoji game. With Unit 3 there was teacher answers. Why are there not teacher answers for Unit 6? which in my opinion is way harder than 3.

Is there anyway you can please email me the Emoji code at ewitkowski@randolph.k12.nc.us?

I am also looking for a SIMPLE way to explain the difference between getProperty and setProperty. Thanks

I addressed these two questions here!



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Good Morning Mr. Wood,

My class is on Unit 6, Lesson 6 we just covered the difference between getProperty and setProperty.

We go back to the circuit boards today starting with activity/level/bubble 5 and my question is

how does setProperty work with the circuit boards?

Is it done automatically within the circuit board because I don’t see specific code to set the information that we get?

Thank you for your assistance! Have a nice day! Elaine

Hi Elaine,
Circuit Playgrounds are not my expertise, but I was looking through the lessons a bit more closely and there is a good example of use setProperty with the Circuit Playground on Unit 6 Lesson 7 Bubble 7. Maybe this would help clear it up a bit?

Hi Elaine,

getProperty and setProperty are both UI Element or user interface elements for App Lab. You’ve probably related that the yellow blocks deal with App Lab and the red blocks deal with the circuit board. I think the documentation pages are helpful because they show you all the properties that can be addressed with setProperty and getProperty. We explain it as getProperty GRABS or GETS the information from an object in App Lab and PUTS the information onto another object or place in App Lab. You can also grab information from the circuit board and use it in App Lab such as in the lessons referenced by @edavis (and most of lessons in U6, L7).

Hope that helps a bit-

I’m new to this kind of forum. I thought I said thank you but don’t see it.

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