Unit 5 Lesson 8 Loops Make Icon Color Property Hidden

When cold coding this lesson before my students, I noticed it was very difficult to understand how to change the colors of the icons. First, you have to understand that the icons are somehow treated differently, and then you have to rely on the dropdown list in the coding environment to let you know there is such a property as icon color. It doesn’t show up as a property in design view and I can’t find it in the app lab documentation. But maybe I am not looking closely enough.

Additionally, ast least in text mode, the dropdowns for on event properties can be a little glitchy.

Maybe some extra “head-up” for teachers/students about this would be helpful? Again, maybe I am missing something but if I do, then my students will as well.

I opened a bug up for this and Ken is going to take a look at it for next year.

What I am asking for is the icon0 through icon19 images start with an image set to an icon. When you do that the icon-color property shows up in design mode. I am also asking for icon-color to be initially set using the rgb function so students know how to set it.

I am also asking for the removal of the icon-size property.

The issue is further complicated by computing the ID of the elements. Bug - unit 5 lesson 8

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@mbrunner Thanks for raising these concerns. The challenge for the students is to use random numbers to generate the colors, icon positions, and shapes. “icon-color” is a property and it is missing from the App Lab docs. I will pass this on to the curriculum team to address this. When using the UI functions getProperty(), setProperty(), onEvent(), etc., I switch to block mode so I can access the id and property dropdowns. Remember to consult the exemplar on bubble 3, so that you can support your students to the best of your ability. Please let us know if you have additional concerns.

@mbrunner A description for the icon-color property has been added to the App Lab Doc. [ link ]

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Is there a teacher solution for Unit 5 Lesson 8 Loops Make activity for teachers? Because I am also running into this icon-property problem…

Actually nothing shows at all when I run the program and change the colors of each icon, so I am assuming there is something more I need to know about set property, the properties of these icons etc.

@mdkolody There is an examplar (teacher solution) for this activity. Visit bubble 3 and click on the Teacher Panel. You should see the Example Solution there. Please let us know if you need further assistance.

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 1.34.51 PM

I found the property by changing to block mode and using a setProperty UI block to see what the property names are.