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**What I expect to happen:**This is a student submission for the project and I can’t find the error. The pictures are not matching with the condition and I don’t know why?

@lalamillo There is an examplar included with this assignment. Click on the teacher panel, then the Example Solution. Looking at the code, the error seems to be where the student filters the data on line 30. Hopefully, the exemplar will add some clarity and guide you to the solution.

I looked at the example code and when I changed the code from “set property icon” to Set image irl then it worked. But shouldn’t the set property work?

Only some properties work for some element types. The icon type is created when you set the image to an icon graphic. Otherwise, it isn’t an icon.

Interestingly it worked for some of my students and not other students. I am not sure why. Some students used the set property for the icon and it worked, but other students it didn’t work on the same data set