Creating a use Dataset with Icons

Is it possible to create your own dataset that includes links to images?

The Random Forecaster App in Unit 05, Lesson 12 uses icons that are provided by links. I have tried to create a dataset that also includes icons and I placed them in a shared good drive. While the icon link is present I get an error.

Error: Line: 9 "There is no property named " . . . "

So while the code sees the link, it does not seem to want to be displayed.
Using console log shows that the link is present in the list.

I see a couple of possible problems:

  1. My code is wrong
  2. I have linked the images incorrectly
  3. Perhaps only certain image formats are accepted
  4. Maybe a user created dataset cannot include images
  5. Perhaps I need to use something other than a shared google drive.

Any help from others who have created datasets with a column including image links would be helpful

I don’t have a definitive answer, but I have two thoughts… first might be that you need to make the drive file available to all - perhaps double check your share settings? The second is that I believe all is storing in a dataset is the url as a string. I don’t see why that wouldn’t be something you can do as well! Have you tried to create a sample dataset with images hosted elsewhere online (ie. pixabay or another easy access tool) to try to pinpoint the location of the error?