Citing Images from a Dataset

My students are working on their Create Task. Many are using the datasets provided by and are filtering these datasets for images to display on the screen based on user input. They can’t reasonably cite the many hundreds of images that might populate their app individually. Is there a proper way to site a database of images that your app is drawing from?

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I would probably tell my students to add a comment in their code and cite the images as being provided in an App Lab dataset. The format of the citations is not important. They just need to name any resource they use and add any links if they use an outside resource.

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If the student clicks on “More info” when they choose the dataset, then they will see that there is “Source” link. They can certainly use that link as the source of the images.

All great suggestions. Thank you!

I agree that a fuller, more comprehensive citation is always safer. But is it necessary?

“The use of media … without appropriate acknowledgment (i.e., through citation, through
attribution, and/or by reference)”

It seems reasonable to me that using image resources within should be covered under the clause “by reference.” After all, the App Lab platform is already licensed to the user/programmer. Assets/resource should be included in that license, right?

Or is it the case that every single image element, whether in getColumn() datasets or even the icon library, should be cited. That would seem onerous to me.

I don’t know the answer to this question which is why I am posting.

Thank you for any additional help!