How do students cite pictures they use from the internet in their create task?

As my students are starting their work on the Create PT, I’m realizing that a lot of them are using pictures off the internet for backgrounds to make the screens of their program look nice. How/where do they cite these pictures? Or should they just not use pictures off the internet for this project?I don’t want them to get in trouble for submitting work not properly cited.

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I gave students two options: add the citations to the code as a block comment at the end or have a credits screen as part of their app.



Hello Andrea,
My students did the same thing - I had them provide the internet link with the picture. Since it’s used for personal use and not promotional advancement (in which, they would need a permission agreement in writing from the author) I believe that is OK - since College Board keeps all documents private. Note: I only know this from my own personal experience and have not been told to do it this way from the College Board. But you might check with them to be sure.

Also, have them use EasyBib for their Explore task on a separate page and include the authors name and date with-in the document so readers and associate the 2 links.

Hope this helps, Francie

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My students have asked about this as well. I have told them that they do not need to cite images since they will only submit the program code and not the design. Anybody know if it is required to include citation of where they acquired images in program code? If so - I need to go back and ask students to add these citations.

Thanks in advance!!


I think we are referring to 2 different things. I tell my students they need to provide citations for any images they use in their Create task. I thought your question in another thread was about providing the code from the design mode i.e. initial placement of elements such as buttons or labels. That code is not available for students to provide in their written response.

Hope that clears things up!

I am referring to images students use in their Create task. Are they required to provide the internet link in the program code in a comment? I don’t see anything about this in the CB Assessment Directions. Thanks.

Students should cite anything not created by them. The last page of the CT Survival Guide shows examples how citations can be added to the program code using comments.

Thanks so much! This is helpful.

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