AP Create Task Questions

Hi all,
We started working on the Create Task and my students have questions I don’t know the answers to, so I’m hoping to get some guidance.
When the directions state that we need to give credit for code written by others, does that include those you’re working with? Or does it only mean pre-existing code?

How do others deal with image use? I’m imagining we should make sure there is permission to use images and credit needs to be given to the creator.

Do others use pre-existing data sets? Code.org had some great data sets. Are those free to use?


Hello @mdorsey,

Credit should be given to anyone other than yourself - if it is a peer then they can simply comment around the code “Written by a peer”. They should not use any identifying information about that other student.

I always have students cite their images and do my best to have them use things within Creative Commons throughout the year so that it is a habit by the time they get to this project. unSplash.com, creativeCommons.org, and flickr.com are good places to start (in addition to a filtered google search).

Yes! Your students may use the pre-existing datasets from code.org.

Thank you for your response. I appreciate you taking the time to do so.