Citing images for the Create Task



Do students need to cite all the images they use in the Create Task?

Here is a discussion from Facebook on the subject.


I would be surprised if it would be thrown out - we haven’t seen that emphasized at all in the documents by the college board. I don’t think it would hurt. I am asking students to do that in the comments of their code but I’m not losing sleep over it myself.

I think it is clear that students should cite code they borrowed, but they don’t mention images/sounds from what I see.

I could see more direction coming in the future about this though.


Thanks Katie, I agree with your thinking. Also I suspect that use of images and sounds for a student project that isn’t pubished would fall under fair use. I agree that we might get more direction in future years.


This topic is bound to come up again for the 2018 Exam. I suspect that if it is not specifically mentioned in the instructions or rubric as a requirement to cite, it would not be thrown out. However, having said that, students may quite likely be penalized points or fail to get points if they do not cite sources of images used, particularly if the image is clearly recognizable. I always tell my students to make it very clear to the Readers that they know what they are doing and know how to do it.


This is the current wording regarding citing sources of media.
A student who fails to acknowledge (i.e., through citation, through attribution, by reference, and/or through acknowledgment in a bibliographic entry) the source or author of any and all information or evidence taken from the work of someone else will receive a score of 0 on that performance task.

A computational artifact without acknowledgement of the media used in the creation of the computational artifact, and program code segment(s) written by someone else used in a program without appropriate acknowledgements, are all considered plagiarized work.

To the best of their ability, teachers will ensure that students understand ethical use and acknowledgment of the ideas and work of others, as well as the consequences of plagiarism. The student’s individual voice should be clearly evident, and the ideas of others must be acknowledged, attributed, and/or cited.


It’s a little buried in the Create PT Survival Guide but on the last page we suggest you cite all images you use in comments of your program code. I agree that the instructions here could be a little clearer. In either case we think citing images is a good ideas since:

  1. it’s good practice for students to get in the habit of citing sources for work they did not create
  2. it will help ensure their projects are not thrown out for plagiarizing others’ work