Citations for Images used in the Computational Artifact

How do you instruct students to cite the images they use to create their computational artifact?

This year’s 8/8 student sample cites the images in 2B which is confusing to me because there is nothing in the prompt that would indicate this is necessary.

The prompt for 2E seems to require students to cite information they used for both the artifact AND the written responses, so that would include the images correct?

Hi @huffm,

Yes, students should cite the images. When it comes down to it, it’s unlikely graders will check for this (as they weren’t instructed to in the past), but you never what changes year to year.

Students can cite images in the artifact itself or in written response 2b or 2e.


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It would be nice if the College Board was clear on where they should be. I recommend they be in a separate section in 2E that’s clearly marked as sources for the images in the artifact. That’s just my preference though.


DO they have to specifically mention that it is a citation to their images?

Good question. I commend that they do have a “Images found at these urls” section. But, there has never been any official guidance to that. I would recommend that specific mention, but that is personal preference.

I also opted for a “section” in 2E that clearly indicates citations for images.

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I am suggesting for mine to put their citations in 2E underneath their other resources. Maybe include a heading stating it is for images. Then using 2B to discuss their process in constructing the artifact. I agree, the instructions were not very clear this year and has left more questions than answers for students who want to score well. Last year, I had my students put the citations(for images) in 2E and it seemed to work out okay because most of them did very well.