Student dataset for Create PT

I have a student who has made her own dataset for the Create PT project. I know I’m not allowed to help her with her code, but I think other students might have the same issue, so I could probably address it with the whole class as a tip. She can’t get the images that she has put in as URLs in a column of her table to show up on the screen of the app she’s making. Is it possible to have an image come up using getColumn? The other issue she’s having is that her for loop doesn’t recognize her list, although she has imported it into her project in the data tab. Any advice is appreciated.


Without more information I’m having a hard time picturing the issue. Is the problem that she is having a hard time importing it in to AppLab? That she is not creating a string of the URL correctly? Or that she’s not sure how to take something from a list and turn it in to an image?

If the issue is logistical - there is something incorrect with how she is using the tool to upload the dataset - then I think it is reasonable to help her. This would be like helping a student figure out how to make a movie of their app - you’re supporting the tool as if you were the IT person, not helping with the code or the product.

If I were to see a student having difficulty with a column, I would probably try to remind them of elsewhere where they have done this. There are a few apps that they’ve worked with, that use information from lists in order to display images. These are great tools for the students that may be useful for debugging. (For example one of the U7 libraries Investigate apps displays state skylines and seals.)

I hope that helps!


Thank you for your response! I gave here the example of the states app, and she was able to fix her code.