Student's Create PT tech issue

Hi. I hope someone can help guide as this is my first time going through this. I have a student who downloaded some images to use in her Create PT and her App worked well. The next day, all of the images were gone. I could not figure out what happened, so she downloaded the pics again and remade the App. One day later, the images were all gone again. I’m lost. Any guidance is much appreciated.

@aaron.galit - clarifying question… is she LINKING to the images (via URL) or downloading images into the App Lab assets?

I have seen students download the images into assets, put them in their app, and then delete the images from the assets (to kind of clean up their workspace), but that means that App Lab will not be able to retrieve those images again (once they are deleted from assets). The student needs to keep the images inside the assets space.

That is my first suggestion, I hope that works! If not, send the code my way and I can take a stab at it!

Thank you so much for the response and guidance. I will check my student’s work tomorrow for the issue you described.

How can students put an oval and a rectangle around the code segments if they are in different portions of the code? The selected code segments need to be placed in 2C and 2D, however, I have a student who has different functions in different areas of the code.

@jmclean Use this link to create copies of the code and place them in the Square and Oval.

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@jmclean I recommend that students move those portions of code together before placing the oval and rectangle.