Create PT using app lab



I am beginning Unit 5 with my students (we meet every other day for 90 minutes year long). At the end of Unit 5 I want my students to do a practice Create PT. I think I will only have time for them to do one practice (we have done several Explore practice PTs… I feel good about that one).

I have 3 questions:

  1. Can everything be accomplished using app lab? I know there is another question on this forum that has asked this and the answer is “yes” … I just want to verify this …
  2. Using app lab, how do students create the required submission documents of code?
  3. Should they submit their code in block mode or text mode?

Thanks. I am sure I will have more questions as we make our way through Unit 5.


I’m starting unit 5 now as well, swapping with unit 4 because of calendar restrictions. I will be interested to hear replies. Thanks for asking the question, Carole!

  1. Yes, if you get through all of unit 5, students will learn all the concepts needed for the PT as well as the multiple choice exam.
  2. The students can copy and paste their code into MS Word or any other word processing software if they are submitting in text mode and then convert it into PDF. If they are submitting in block mode, they will need to take screen shots and paste those in a word processing software and convert that to PDF. The final submission including written responses and code must be in a single PDF.
  3. They can submit their code in either format.


That is exactly what I am doing. I have not done Unit 4 yet either. I plan to do Unit 5 first, then Unit 4. I’m hoping this works!