Student Collaboration for Create PT


Is there a collaboration environment for AppLab (like a Google doc)? I have two students who want to work on an App together. I know there is a share button, but then they would have to constantly exchange links and piece it back together.
Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.


No there isn’t. My students use Google Docs to collaborate. It does involve copying and pasting code again and again as you mentioned.


So, would you suggest they solely work in a Google doc and then just copy/paste into AppLab to test?


I ask my students to divide up their work into functions with parameters (any dependencies are handled through parameters) so that they can write code independently. They test their individual parts independently and then they copy and paste on a Google doc to share and test how their functions work with each other. This approach allows for easier collaboration and will also help them respond to question 2c (how algorithms work independently and with each other) on the create PT even when they work independently on a project.