Unit 5 Lesson 10 - why datasets?

Are datasets part of the AP exam? I understand that 1D and 2D arrays might be, but datasets are much more advanced (to set up and access). The getColumn() function in code.org isn’t a standard Javascript function (nor is it available in Python or other languages that I know of, not without importing data management modules). Creating and accessing datasets in actual Javascript is a fairly complicated process. I’m trying to understand the purpose of having datatables and getColumn() as part of the unit. Thanks! jr

Datasets as introduced in Unit 5 are lists to be manipulated. Unit 5 is about lists. getColumn gives you a long list for free.

Yes, I get all that. The question is “why?”. This course is prep for the APCSP exam. The exam won’t have datasets (it will probably have 1D and 2D arrays). It won’t have “getColumn” in its pseudocode. As data processing goes, the database processing is fairly advanced stuff, especially if you have to do this with real Javascript data table libraries and code, and not with “getColumn”. It’s a surprising lesson to find here. JR

The Create PT requires students to use a list for their app. The datasets in code studio give students the opportunity to choose from a vast collection of data for their apps.

Okay, I see the point. Extracting lists from actual datasets makes for interesting lists. That helps me set student expectations.