Row 2 Data Being Stored, getColumn()

In Row 2 of the Scoring Guidelines, students are required to “include two program code segments”. The first segment should be…

one that shows how data has been stored in this list (or other collection type).

Would a single line using the getColumn() satisfy this? There is an example of this on line 2 of the Random Dog Picker from Unit 5 Lesson 10 Level 4.

var dogNames = getColumn("Dogs", "Name");

Hi @michael_campbell ,

I’m in no way an authority on this, so this is just the interpretation of “some guy”.

To me, that appears to be literally a segment of code that stores data into a list (I’m assuming dogNames is a variable containing a list), so I would think that fulfills the requirement.

However, my keep in mind my interpretation holds zero weight, and if you want some actual certainty, I recommend checking the AP Community message boards to ask and get a response from the College Board or see if anyone asked a similar question on there.