U5 L8 Lockscreen Maker

I’m having trouble helping one of my students. It seems to me the code should work, but he gets a white screen when he hits the location button. Here is his code:

// List of icons to randomly choose between
var iconsList = [“icon://fa-heart”,
var colorsList = [“red”, “green”, “yellow”, “blue”, “purple”, “pink”, “orange”];


onEvent(“shapesButton”, “click”, function( ) {

onEvent(“locationsButton”, “click”, function( ) {

onEvent(“colorsButton”, “click”, function( ) {

function RandomIcon() {
setProperty(“homeScreen”, “image”, iconsList[(randomNumber(0, 7))]);
function RandomColor() {
setProperty(“homeScreen”, “icon-color”, colorsList[(randomNumber(0, 7))]);
function RandomLocation() {
for (var i = 0; i < 19; i++) {
setProperty(“icon” + i, “x”, randomNumber(0, 230));
setProperty(“icon” + i, “y”, randomNumber(0, 300));

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Link to the project or level: (App Lab - Code.org)
What I expect to happen: I expect the location of the shape to change.
What actually happens: On my student’s screen, the entire screen goes white when he clicks "Locations! " Nothing happens when I run his code and click the locations button.
What I’ve tried: My student originally had this code: function RandomLocation() {
setProperty(“icon” + 1, “height”, randomNumber(0, 200));
setProperty(“icon” + 1, “width”, randomNumber(0, 200));
setProperty(“icon” + 1, “x”, randomNumber(-10, 300));
setProperty(“icon” + 1, “y”, randomNumber(-10, 400));

First, we tried changing the +1 to +i but that didn’t seem to solve the issue so then we tried adding the loop to get it to work.

I noticed that the student has not drawn any icons on the screen, so he/she cannot set their property yet. The RandomIcon method is changing the image on the homescreen, but not changing the image of the icons. The student needs to use a loop like he/she did in RandomLocation method and set the image property of all the icons to a random image from the list.