Unit 6 Lesson 12 Puzzle 9

The directions ask you to change the “thumbs down” to “thumbs up”, however the image option doesn’t show any icons, just a link for a Code.org image. In the example solution, the url is correct for thumbs down. I copied and pasted and changed down to up which worked, but students cannot see example solutions, where would they access the image?


Great question - and its a little confusing. Since app lab is online and contained, you have access to all the icons (wouldn’t be true for other app design programs unless you uploaded all the available assets), so when the student is picking the image originally from the image picker on the design mode, all the icons have a url of “icon://” and you can use the “SetProperty” value to call any of those, as long as you call the right image, it doesn’t have to be in the dropdown. So as an additional challenge you could have a variety of icons change based on buttons being clicked.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks. I only wondered because other lessons actually have the icons as choices.