Unit 6, lesson 2, 14

There is no “meh” button in this intro to the emotion machine example. So it’s not possible to complete, even if you cut and paste the sample solution.

Seems like a bug? What is a workaround?


Hi. Hope I am understanding your question. code.org has built in icons and the straight face (meh) should be available. See the screenshots below… When I click on the selector arrow, I see the "Choose … " link and when I click on it, I see the 2nd screen below.

Are you not seeing these options?


Thanks @mwood I am able to choose the meh face option. But the thing that’s not coming up is the green text button that says “meh” at the top. There is no “meh_button.”

I made a screen capture for you but not seeing how to upload it here… yet.

Ok… I think I understand now. What you need to do is enter into design mode (see design button in the upper left corner of the image below) and then drag the purple button icon onto the app screen. At that point, you can use the properties screen on the right to change the text of the new button to Meh.

Let us know if this helps!


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Hahaha yes, that’s the issue! I’m used to working with text mode and didn’t see the design mode. I am going to do the “Intro to App Lab” lesson so I don’t miss any other details.