Unit 4 app project - button won't work


On this student’s Help screen the right hand house is a button which is supposed to take you to settings screen. The same code works on his other page, but not on the Help screen. (Only the 4 bottom pages work currently.)
Any help you can give will be appreciated!
Dina Picou



Interesting problem - what I am noticing is that there are a lot of error messages based on “id’s that don’t exist”. Was this coded in blocks or text? If in text the student might have misspelled a key word or two (very common). If in block then would be using the drop down.

From the first screen I can click on the “help” button but then I get all the error messages - I think the first step is cleaning up all of those (making sure those id’s exist) and then continuing to troubleshoot. What is curious is the id that doesn’t show up as “missing” is “settings1” which is attached to the “home” button your student labeled. So I would fix (or comment out) all the other id’s and isolate that button to make sure it works.

Hope that gets you started on figuring it out,