AppLab Problems

Is anyone having problems with glitches in students coding. My student has coded correctly however the app will not correctly work. I have refreshed and done everything I could to resolve this problem, but have not had any luck yet. Any help would be appreciated.

@julia.roberto If you think it is a software glitch, is the fastest way to get technical help. If you think that it might be a user error, you can share the project via link here and then people can take a look at it. You just have to ¨share¨ the project in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Hi Kaitie,

Thank you for responding this is the link to my students app. Student’s App Link

I have contacted and they brought me here. Hopefully I can get some help with this for this forum!

It looks like “noscreen2” is the default screen, which doesn’t include any buttons - so there’s no way to interact. If you instead make “startscreen” the default (by clicking the teal “Make Default” button) everything works as I would expect.