Technical Difficulty with App Lab?

I am trying to view student work in AppLab and it isn’t showing the “run” button?

Hi @laura.goldman,

Oh gosh - that is frustrating. I’m not sure if the bottom of the App is cut off or just not there. Let me run through some scenarios that might help you troubleshoot the issue and I’ll try to account for all possible issues that I can think of. If these don’t work, I would suggest you reach out to or use the menu in the top right corner of that page to report a bug.

Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • I know this is obvious, but just in case…make sure you are logged in.
  • In the teacher panel, check that you have chosen a class.
  • Make sure that you have clicked on your student.
  • Check that you are on the activity level/bubble you want to grade.
  • If you still can’t see the run button, try zooming out with cntrl + minus key (Windows) or command + minus key (Mac).

I hope these help but as I said, if not, you can reach out to support.

Thanks so much! I tried most of those things but will look at your list and continue with that today! I appreciate your assistance!