Debug student work

My 4th grade student need help with Line 7. Could anyone please look this game over and see what is wrong? I have little knowledge of this.


For 4th grade, I’m impressed with what they have already figured out!

I’m wondering if AppLab was something they discovered on their own and are just trying to make a game or if it was taught to them somewhere?

It looks like they are trying to get the ship to move when you press the up and down keys. Although this is something that could potentially be done in App lab, it’s more typically something that is done in GameLab where this kind of program is a little easier to accomplish.

I might suggest they look at unit 3 of CS Discoveries where they will be taught how to create their own game using GameLab.

Here’s a link to the student facing side of unit 3. There are also lesson plans for teachers, but if this is something they are doing on their own and based on what I already see they have done, I’m guessing they could pick it up pretty quickly.

Lesson 1 starts off at the very beginning, but by lesson 3, they are learning about drawing and by lesson 6 they learn how to add images (sprites) and each subsequent lesson adds on to that where they learn how to make the sprites move and then how to control that movement.

If they just want to play around themselves in Game Lab without instruction, they can see some sample projects and games and start their own project here:

Let us know if we can help any further!


Thanks for getting back to me, Mike. I teach at a Gifted and Talented School, so I have a lot of 4th graders who are into this!

The error is actually on line 1. Line 1 is:
onEvent(“screen_game”, “keydown”, function( ) {

But needs to be:
onEvent(“screen_game”, “keydown”, function( event) {