Mouse events in AppLab -- Want more documentation and examples


I would like to see some more documentation with examples on moving/dragging with the mouse, following the mouse, and other game-like keyboard and touchscreen interactions with Code.Org AppLab. We have made some progress with this area, but I need more help.

Maybe I need to be looking into GameLab for this? I also found a CSD Unit 3 - Animations and Games ('18-'19) so maybe we should just switch over to this if we want interactive games? Apparently it is based on p5. Input from anyone with experience with this would be welcome.


Have you looked at this?



Thank you. I have looked at this and it was helpful. I was trying to click on an image or button and drag it to a position with the mouse. When I let the mouse button up, the image/button was still attached to the mouse and followed it.
We were trying to make a game/quiz matching items on the right with items on the left by dragging them on top of each other.

Thank you,