Game lab not registering clicks on phone

I was building a pretty amazing interactive card and I wanted to see if it worked on my iphone 6. You have to click the dog 10 times to register the sound and animation but it isn’t reading the clicks. I’m using mouseDown and have tried many other mouse actions. Is there any way to interact with game lab on your phone?

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yikes! @zbrennem could you share a link to your project here so we could talk a look?


@zbrennem this is unfortunately the expected behavior. Your phone is actually looking for a touch event (which we don’t have) instead of a mouse click. We plan to make this work more like you would expect, but it’s not as trivial as it seems because touchscreens have a lot of behaviors that don’t map exactly to a mouse (like swiping) that we have to deal with. I’ve passed your feedback to the engineering team, and I’ll update this thread once we have a timeline and details for better phone support.

Thank you for the information. I look forward to the update.