App Lab game not working on phone


I have created a game in App Lab as an example for my students. It runs just fine on my computer, but it doesn’t work on my phone. The user clicks on a frog and a score increments. The score variable will increase on my computer as the user clicks on the frog with a mouse, but on the phone the score never increases when a person touches the frog with their finger. Help! I even tried remixing some of the challenges like “Poke a Pig” and the paint one. They also do not work on my phone. My finger touching doesn’t register a “click”.



I’d be happy to try to help.

  1. What kind of phone?

  2. Can you share the link to the app with me here?

CSP Team


I thought I replied to this earlier, but I don’t see my last email now. Let me try again.

This is the app I created:

I have an iPhone 7. The app works just fine on my Chromebook, but the “OnEvent” click function does not work on my iphone. Does the iOS not support this syntax maybe?

I would really like to end my semester teaching my students how to create an app in App Lab, but I’m not sure if it will work.

Your help is greatly appreciated!


Hi, sorry I dropped the thread on this. For what it’s worth the game does work on my Android phone. I have to wait to test it on my wife’s iPhone to see if that’s the issue. It is the case that not all of the event handlers map cleanly to mobile devices. For example the notion of a mouse move doesn’t really exist for mobile there’s only drag, also arrow keys on the keyboard are usually map to swiping on a mobile device. And we don’t have any of that implemented yet

Anyway all of this to say that there might be a way to get around this for an iPhone by writing a little bit of extra code. I have an idea but I might not be right, but if you want to try it before I have a chance to get back to this go ahead. The idea is to sort of invent your owned click Handler by using mousedown or mouseup, or even both in combination. I’ll have to wait to test it on my wife’s phone. But I’ll try and see if it works and get back to you.


Update: It worked on my wife’s iPhone 5s. This leads me to ask, what exactly is it that’s not working on your iPhone 7? Is just not registering clicks? Like you can’t increase the score at all?



This app works fine on android using chrome. However, on iphone using safari it says “This wepage was reloaded because a problem occurred.” when I try to input a schedule and click submit. You just need to type a room number (129) in for first period and click submit. Any suggestions?


Are you having a problem with the “Wack a Frog” app or another? I tried the game on my iPhone using Safari and it worked. Please advise.


I tried it on my iphone and safari and it worked fine! Are you still having trouble with this?