Mousedown Event doesn't work on Android devices

my pupils have a problem with the mousedown-Event in AppLab. It works perfectly in the simulator, but as a webapp on smartphone nothing happend. I did some research, tried touchstart and pointerdown, but nothing works. We use Android devices. What’s wrong here - is it a bug or are we doing something wrongly?
The link for my copy, at the moment with pointerdown-Event, is

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Welcome to the forum @si1 ! What is it supposed to do? When I run it on my iPhone and I touch the pig, it appears bigger for a sec and then goes back to its original size. The label also gets updated. This is the same behavior I am seeing on the computer.

Oh damn, then I posted the wrong link. I’m so sorry. Here’s the correct one:

Hope to hear from you despite my mistake!

The problem is not in the mouseDown functionality. That is working. I added a label and changed the label when the mouseDown event is triggered. That works on the computer and the phone. The problem seems to be in the timedLoop. Your timedLoop does not seem to be working on the phone. I changed the onEvent functions and added the setPosition to the onEvent, that seems to work on the iphone. Here is my code:

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You are probably using the wrong tool for the job. It looks to me like Game Lab would be a better choice for this game. What you are looking for here is a way to make the Stickman move continuously when you press an arrow button. Game Lab gives you a square screen area with a joystick underneath that works as expected. The Game Lab joystick is the same as pressing the arrow keys so you can make that work exactly the way you want.

Turning the screen doesn’t really work unless you turn off screen orientation on your phone.

The phone interface doesn’t really respond exactly like your finger is a mouse. At least on Android Mousedown and Mouseup only work if you attach a Bluetooth mouse to your phone. If you want to continue with App Lab I would change the arrow keys to respond to click. I would then put a stop sign in the center of the arrows and use click on the stop sign to set dir = "none"; That way you can move the Stickman continuously or stop intentionally.

Thanks a lot for your profound answer. I’ll send it to my pupils though on my phone your codd is still not working as expected. You have to cllick for each pace.

Thanks a lot for your profound answer. I’ll send it to my pupils - I also had the idea with a stop button.

Hey I’m from China too just wanna ask are data functions like readRecords unresponsive at your location? seems like they were banned or some sort.