Cannot seem to use local path to generate image either in image widget or UI image block

Does anyone know how to paste local path to image file for URL? I think that this will simply not work with APP lab; it seems to require a complete path from an image search online.

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There is a pretty simple way to do this.

onEvent("newPfp2", "change", function( ) {
	pfp = getImageURL("newPfp2");
	setText("newPfp", getImageURL("newPfp2"));

onEvent("testPfp", "click", function(){
  setImageURL("prePfp", getText("newPfp"));

So if you read my code you can tell that there are elements involved. The elements are an image upload. To my knowledge there is currently no local path support though. This method however does take the image uploaded or address… and makes it change the other current image.