Can't find student work - View by student?

I assigned two classes a unit to work on because they won’t have time this year to complete the project I am doing with other classes in the same grade (due to an annoying scheduling problem). In fact, I won’t see them for the rest of the school year. I saw them working on lessons but I am not entirely sure they worked on the right lessons as I didn’t give them the specific link as some threads on the same topic have pointed out. Only a few of my students are showing up as actually working on the assignments I gave them. I definitely saw far more students working. So, given that I am not able to see them again, I would still like to give them credit for the work they did. How can I see the assignments they did work on? Is there a way for me to view the student’s lessons by student? Not just the lessons I assigned them?

Hi @matthew.busselberg,

I’m not sure what course you are working in but perhaps that doesn’t matter. I think I would start by going to my dashboard and then clicking on the class. From there, it begins by showing you what units the students completed work. You could then narrow it down by going into lessons in that unit and seeing what students completed which lessons.

I hope that is clear. Perhaps others have ideas as well and will respond.