Certification For Course

Where do I find information about the certification that aligns with CS Discoveries?

I wasn’t sure if you meant certification for training or code documentation:
Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 4
Unit 6
Unit 7
** Units 1 & 5 are designed a little differently and do not have code documentation associated with them.

I was told that for the students in my CSD class there is a certification for this class that they are required to take at the end of the year. I look around the website, but did not see that information.



That may be a local certification? I’m not sure. In my state, we have a state skills exam that is required for the students in most of our CTE classes. I use CSD for a lot of that course, so those students do earn a certification if they pass that test.

I am unaware of any certifications offered through or sponsored by code.org, however.


Okay. Thank you for responding.