Changing sprite animation

I am a teacher new to CSD and am working my way through the lessons to get ready to teach the class this fall. In this lesson, I am having trouble figuring out the right code to change the sprite animation from an apple to a pear

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Hi Tina!

Are you a verified teacher? If so, you should be able to go to the teacher panel on the right of the screen and click one of the “example solution” buttons. If you don’t see the buttons on your teacher panel, then you will need to get your account verified. All of the answer keys are only available to verified teachers to keep students from just looking at the answers. Becoming a Verified Teacher

Sorry I can’t just directly point you to the solution, but this forum is open so students would also see the answer.


Hi Elizabeth, thank you sooo much! Knowing about the example solutions in the teacher panel was a great help!