Unit 3 Lesson 13 Activities 1-8

Activity 4 seems to be out of place. Activity 4 should be placed after Activity 8. Also, students are expected to know how to use sprite.visible, but it was not introduced before this lesson. I just told my students to skip activity 4 and go back to it once they finish activity 8. And, I explained to them the sprite.visible property. I just wanted to bring this to the maker’s attention. Thank you!

Thanks for the suggestions, @erica.thompson. I know they revise the curriculum each year, so they may make some adjustments to that for the following years. I think it’s great you realized that for your kids and had them go out of order. I think the last time I went through this with my students, I had showed them the .visible command earlier as part of some demo I did in lesson 10, but the way you did it is great if that worked best for your students.

Best wishes!