Project Guide - Interactive Card

Just want to confirm that there must have been a change to the materials and the ‘front of the Activity Guide’ with the ‘grid for students to lay out their background" with the “reference table of drawing commands” is no longer available. The Project Guide seems to have only the ‘Sprite Label’ table and the "if/else’ table. If the earlier version is somewhere I’d like to use it. TIA

Hi Shawn,

I think you might be remembering the activity guide from Lesson 6, Sprite Scene Planning. That has a grid and a list of commands on it.

Sprite Scene Planning


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Cool. I will use that. Thanks.

I also wonder if there shouldn’t be a grid for students to plan their cards.
The planning guide seems to refer to it but it doesn’t exist.
I keep going back and forth between asking them to use scratch paper or giving them a copy of the Sprite Scene Planning guide from Lesson 6.
Thanks for any feedback.