Circuit playground and epilepsy

I need major help. I have done unit 6 with circuit playground for 3 semesters. I received an email from a parent that a student has epilepsy. Is there any way to teach this unit avoiding the blinking lights? My 8th graders take this class to program and I’m close to scratching it all.

Hi @gbobbitt417,

That’s stressful - both for you (last minute shifting/planning) and I’m sure the student and their parents.

You could definitely plan to avoid the neopixel lights and focus on the sounds and accelerometer, etc.; however, there is no guarantee, as you know, that some students would not look ahead and turn the lights on as they were experimenting with the circuit board. If it were me, I would probably reach out to the parent and talk to them about lights on someone else’s board vs their own and whether it is safe to use the boards in some way. Perhaps another option (although I know it is a reach) is the microbit. Its lights are only red, much smaller, and do not flash nearly as brightly as the neopixels on the circuit playground. Here is a classroom set for about $200. The microbit is option B for Unit 6. I’m sure you would still need to speak to the parents as well.

Perhaps others have ideas and will share,