Circuit Playground Holder

The attached image shows a student-designed holder for the Circuit Playgrounds. With double-sided tape on the top, the board will stay attached securely, while the design also has a part to support the USB connection. Some may choose not to use the tape and remove the board each use. This was designed to allow students to hold the board connected to the computer, without really touching the board itself.

I’ve been given permission by Dallin (his name is on the bottom) to share this with the community.

This link will allow you to find the file to download if you’d like to print it for your boards (100% scale, 15% infill, no supports (although, the lip supporting the USB might be better if you do supports), PLA at 205 degrees).


Wow, this is really cool. Its awesome to see students taking the lead to create.
Have they thought about any other add ons for the circuit playground?

We haven’t gotten that far - only got a 3D printer after Christmas break and only getting started in the Circuit Playgrounds. Maybe next year we can design other things to go with the programming!

wow! Super cool @thagness!! Thanks for sharing!!

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That is so cool! I love those innovators in the class!

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This is fantastic… please tell Dallin great job and he has certainly solved a problem for the community.

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Thank you, I will. He’s very excited that this might work for others.