Circuit Playground Storage Solution


I have a storage solution I would like to share with the group for the Circuit Playgrounds. On Amazon I found sound barrier foam squares and a portable soft sided plate storage box. The foam allows me to keep the USB cords attached so there will be less wear on the connection piece. This will also allow me to take a quick visual inventory of all the boards.


Sounds great! Got any photos or links?


Please share your photos! Thanks!



Thanks Joann. Could you set up the sharing settings on those links so that we can view them?


Do you have the links from Amazon by chance?



This is an awesome solution for the organization/storage. Thank you for sharing.


Another option - I got clear these pencil pouches.


@jnovak Thank you for sharing your storage solution. Very neat! Ordering my foam panels and storage box. :clap::clap:


I am using hard case pencil boxes. If you look, you can get them for $2 or less. I have them numbered and students are assigned a number, this way I can track proper use.


I have plastic recipe boxes, same thing numbered based on the table seating


I used old VHS storage containers. Work perfectly for storing everything. And I found a ton of them for free! And it was fun to have the students guess what these things were originally used for


This year when I ordered the kits they came in little plastic containers that are ideal for storage. Problem solved. :slight_smile: