Circuit playground accessories

I’m liking the circuit playground but would like to get some accessories such as motors or servos or anything else that may work with the circuit playgrounds for some of my advanced students.
I just want to make sure that they will actually work with the circuit playgrounds.
I do have the battery packs if that will help supply extra power for any of these.
I figure I’d probably get them from adafruit but I can’t tell what will work and what won’t work.

Thanks for any help with this!!!

Hi @cpautler,

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the Circuit Playground! I found this Advanced Pack of accessories on Adafruit’s website. It has links to a lot of the components in the kit if you don’t want to buy the whole thing (or if you want to source some of them from elsewhere).

Does anyone else in the community have links to resources they’ve used?

–Michael K.

Thanks Michael-While this looks good, it is for the Circuit Playground Express. I don’t know enough about these, but I believe the Express is a higher level and can use more accessories. I don’t want to get something and not be able to use it with the Classic and with’s interface.

I wish I could give you a voice of experience, but I haven’t expanded my use of the Circuit Playground Classic beyond using it in unit 6, although that does sound like something I would like to do if I find time in my classroom.

I did notice that on the Classic page itself, near the bottom, there are links to a lot of different accessories (including this one which appears to be a good starting point: . I wish I had more experience with them, but maybe someone else who has gone beyond unit 6 can chime in!