Unit 6/Adafruit component recommendations?

Concerning Unit 6, I’ve been asked to put in a pretty sizeable order for support materials for my class for the coming year. I was looking at the Adafruit site, and saw the Circuit Playground advanced kit for $99.

Who here has really gotten into Unit 6/Physical computing, and could recommend additional components (sensors/motors etc) for the Circuit Playground that I should purchase?

I’ve been told to “think big” with my order.


Wow, @fletchers, talk about a good problem to have!

I’ll let others chime in on what they’ve used for CSD/Circuit Playground Express, but are you limited to just Circuit Playground supplies, or is your admin open to things like Makey Makeys, Ozobots, and other robots? A lot of them have coding interfaces that are a lot like App Lab & may be fun for your students to explore.

–Michael K.

We do have Ozobots, but another STEAM teacher uses them as part of the UC Davis C-STEM program.