Clear Screen with Turtle?


Is there a way to clear the screen once the Turtle has drawn something on it? I do not see a clear screen option except for in the canvas commands, and it is not drawing on the canvas. Thank you!



Great question - I don’t see one, but a great trick would be to create a keystroke or button that draws a bank background, which would “clear” the screen, even though there would be drawing underneath the background sprite. I’ll push this up to the Dev Team as well.

Hope that helps,


This is a great suggestion - thank you! I’ll give it a try over the next couple of days and report back.

Also appreciate you passing on the idea to the developers. I often use turtle graphics and drawings to introduce the concept of loops and “nested” loops. I’m experimenting with the possibility of moving to App Lab for more of my lessons.

I’ll let you know!



Yes, this worked! I just had the turtle draw a really large, white dot.

Thanks for the suggestion. You can see the implementation here if you like: