Help needed - show() command for turtle doesn't work

My app is here: [ - App Lab]

When I press the button shown with number 1 ([]), turtle shows. But then when I get back (button is represented with purple background at the top of the app) and press the second button shown with number 2, turtle doesn’t show.

Please help me! How to get to show turtle when I press the button shown with number 1 and to show turtle when I press the second button, button 2?

Thank you!

It looks like what is happening is that the first turtle command sets which screen the turtle is going to be on. From then on the turtle will always be on that screen and only that screen.

You could make this work by sharing one screen between the two screens you want to draw on with the turtle. You put all the buttons from EkranCrtajGotoveGeomLikove and EkranCrtanje on one screen You then hide one set of buttons while you show the other set of buttons depending on which button was pressed on the PocetniEkran screen.