Clearing Stages where students have gone ahead


I want to keep my students together. Is it possible to clear stages where students have gone ahead? I have one student, in particular who jumped from stage 4 to stage 16. I would like to clear his work in stage 16 so when we get to it he will be aligned with the rest of the class.


I would like to know the answer to this question as well. I even wondered if there was a way to block the lesson until I assign them? I have a few that like to work ahead a goof off all hour and that put a strain on the ones who are following directions. Any suggestions?


Hello and our apologies that this fell through the cracks. There is currently no way to delete progress in the way you’re describing. You can hide lessons for an individual section ahead of time though (article here) but right now there’s no way to solve the problem you’re describing after the fact.

Hope that helps a little bit. I’ve recorded your feedback so that we can know what tools we need to build next so thanks for letting us know about the issue.